LDIC was a much needed experience to push students in finance to critically think about a stock pick’s potential. To those participating, I think the number one ingredient for success is deeply understanding the business.

Sam Wong, Crystal Capital

LDIC was exceptionally useful. It is so nice to see a local stock pitch competition in Vancouver, given the lack of opportunities.

Miguel Valarao, Team WestPeak

Learning about a new company was very enjoyable and I thank LDIC for the opportunity. I would tell others to just do it, it’s a great learning experience and you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Thank you Teal and Emily for this opportunity!

Korak Ghaffour, Team JKY

LDIC helped me learn about preparing professional investment pitching and analysis. Thanks for the excellent experience.

David Cao Shen, Fire

As a student with basic financial knowledge, I was able to learn a lot from my peers and challenge myself in a new way. I really enjoyed the entire competition, from researching and understanding the market positions of Netflix and Disney to selecting and pitching a stock. This was a great opportunity and I would highly recommend others to experience it!

Serinda Kong, Crystal Capital

I thought LDIC was very useful. I got to apply skills learned in school to real world applications.

Valerie Tsui, The Three Statements

A positive challenge with questions that spark our critical and analytical thinking. Being able to present our own idea rather than having to choose from a handful of companies. Just do it. Best challenge of my life.

Brian, Genesis Capital

Was able to use my knowledge from the classroom in a real case/scenario. Tests my knowledge. Taught me to really appreciate my findings in a tangible report and presentation. Thanks for organizing this competition. I had a great time!

Kelly Wong, KAA Pitches

Researching a company is always interesting because it’s an opportunity to learn new areas outside of business and working in a group is always a great opportunity to learn. You better bring your A-Game.

Michael Dobson, DN Equities

Good chance to network. Got to learn more about investment management. Really enjoyed presenting to a seasoned panel. I would highly recommend it to prospective candidates.

Jas Gill, Team JKY

The first round was an excellent chance to see the type of questions a professional investor asks for a company. Receiving feedback on my stock pitch helped me find what companies to look at in the future.

Manvir Grewal, Alma Investments

Made me think faster, wisely and creatively. I was able to dedicate all of my attention to this project, extremely grateful for this opportunity. I learnt about different perspectives when analysing the company and running scenario analysis. Thank you for organizing!

Yuliya Kim, Team JKY

Super useful. Have never done a stock pitch prior to LDIC and I love that I got to learn and pitch a company that I ended up being super passionate about. Huge thanks to all the organizers for making this possible.

Linda Dai, Crystal Capital

Lots of great resources, good learning experience. Finding an opportunity to apply our financial knowledge concretely was fun. Important for competitors to be passionate in the field, have a grasp of technical and practice for the show.

Juan Francis Leblanc, Team KWL

I loved participating in LDIC and I found it very useful. I would tell others that it is a good experience and they should definitely try it out!


Definitely got to brush up on my modelling / pitch book skills. I found the gala and networking most enjoyable. For future participants, definitely take part. The best way to learn is just by jumping into it and forcing yourself to learn.


LDIC is a great competition to apply theoretical knowledge! All in all, I like this competition and will encourage my friends to attend next time!


Very good experience for 1) individuals who are interested in investment banking as a career and 2) individuals who are not very aware and want to know more about it.