About Us

The Linde Davies Investment Challenge was created by Teal Linde and Emily Davies in a joint effort to provide undergraduate students the opportunity to explore a career in investment management. The belief arose in early 2017 that if a greater number of students had an authentic buy-side experience, more would explore a profession in the field.  Further investigation highlighted that the idea of an Investment Challenge is a proven concept at world class organizations across North America, providing Teal and Emily encouragement. On a trip to New York in 2018, Teal and Emily had the opportunity to meet with the winners of Columbia Business School’s 2018 Pershing Square Challenge. The students had significant praise for their experience with the Challenge, both of the learning and of the doors that were opened. This furthered Teal and Emily’s conviction that a comparable competition in Vancouver had strong merit. Thus, the Challenge formed.

The Investment Challenge is designed for undergraduate students to present an investment idea, in the form of a public company stock pitch (including company fundamentals, valuation, and qualitative analysis), to an audience of industry experts. Participation provides hands-on experience and insight into the responsibilities of junior and senior investment management professionals. The Challenge allows students to explore their interests in investing, and for those without an interest it allows them to expand a curiosity. Additionally, with the requirement of at least one female per team, the Investment Challenge encourages women to consider careers in finance. The inaugural competition took place in 2018.